Newly installed sash window and shutters/panelling.
Repaired heritage door beofre painting.
Refurbished old sash window.
Newly created disabled toilet area with panelling, repaired windows, cills, skirting.
Newly fitted fire door with ironmongery.
New handle and lock fitted on repaired heritage door.
New oak window fitted with new 'heritage style' ironmongery.
Heritage panelling and window seat repaired.
Special niches/counter created to house radiators.
Service riser cupboard created with button bead covering.
Outside showing repaired and replaced heritage cast iron guttering.
Priory Lodge with The Brassage to the left and The Dairy to the right. All 1st fixed by us
The Dairy: 1st fixed and roof built by us; and rooflights installed. Also we built those fancy vents on the roof.
Mixed heritage and new oak floor on The Mezzanine of Clifford hall; Cannington Court.
The reception area with heritage sash windows repaired by us and panelling/counter for radiators built by us.
2nd section of the reception area; again heritage sash windows and radiator niches/panelling by us.
The amazing Clifford Hall in Cannington Court.